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email for an adoption application, our online application system is currently down.

Age: 14 months Old


  Gender: Female spayed

Special Needs: No


  Good w/ Kids: Most likely yes

Spayed/Neutered: Yes


  Good w/ Dogs: Male non dominant dogs

Housebroken: Yes  


  Good w/ Cats: Don't think so

About Me:

UPDATE 7/13/17 ADOPTED!!!: Fiona has gone through an in home board/train and is now very well trained on and off leash however she will still test you and needs a FIRM handler to keep her on the right path. We have switched Fiona to an over the counter limited ingredient dog food containing duck and rabbit and she is doing great on it. We have had Fiona at the dog park and she has done fine, ignoring the other dogs for the most part over her tennis ball but she still must be kept under handler control to ensure she doesn't have a conflict with another dog. This girl has a very high ball drive and is very hard to control when a ball is in her eyesight so again, it is important her handler can control her.  Meet Fiona. Fiona is a young female Doberman, she has had her ears cropped and here tail docked. Fiona is a VERY active Doberman ( we have trained her to use the doggie treadmill ) and will need to go to a home where she has an outlet for all of this energy physically and mentally. Fiona loves people and some dogs but she is an alpha female and will not do well with another female or alpha dog. Fiona has food sensitivities and is currently on a prescription diet of hypoallergenic dog food, it costs about $100.00 per bag. At some point we can try her on another over the counter dog food that has a novel protein source such as duck or venison and see how she responds. This girl is very,very smart and has tremendous potential to do great things, she will do best in a home where she will be challenged and trained daily.  Fiona NEEDS TO BE ADOPTED BY AN EXPERIENCED DOBERMAN/LARGE BREED WORKING DOG OWNER. If you would like to meet Fiona please email for an adoption application at or call Brenda for more info at 702-596-9293. We do require a complete adoption application, a home visit at the time of adoption and a signed adoption contract at the time of adoption.